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Dance Challenge 1 EDN227

 Complete these activities before your workshop! 


Part 1:  (5-10 min) 

Warm –up. Complete the warm up prepared for you by Stefan Karlsson the Teaching Artist for Dance.

Think about how you would warm up your students. 

How? What are the important considerations?  


Part 2: (25 minutes)

1) Watch the Clip and reflect on the movements students show.

• Identify what is going on

• Reflect on what the students are doing. How would you describe the type of movement they are showing? (language)

2) How could you as a teacher get your students to do this? (think creatively)

3) How would you achieve the learning involved? Write a short note on what tasks you might be using to get the students towards the outcome in the Clip.


Part 3: (20 min)


• Study the colourful image.

• Make up a few (3-6) movements that relates to it.

• Think about energy, colour, shape, energy and what the image represent for you. This is a very individual response so anything you come up with is as valid as anybody else’s response. You cannot be wrong! And you will not be judged!

Part 4: 

Repeat , repeat , repeat the moves so you can remember them and bring them to the workshop to use for further exploration.

Complete this activity before the Dance Workshop

Stefan Karlsson
EDN227 Teaching the Arts and HPE in Primary Schools (Winter Term)
Here is the text of the Dance Challenge as a PDF
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