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Media Arts Challenge 2 for EDN236

In Media Arts we teach students the processes of Pre-Production/Production/Post-Production.

How would you help students in the different years of schooling learn and understand these concepts?


Working with pre-production for a film or video.

One pre-production process that you might use with your students is to make a storyboard.

Look up what a storyboard is.

You'll find lots of examples on the internet and explanations of where the practice of storyboarding came from.


You are next going to make a storyboard.

Think of a simple story – for example, the day you dropped your mother's favourite and most precious vase.

Think of how you might tell this story using the symbolic and technical codes outlined in the Media Arts lecture.

Think of the sorts of shots you choose to use (Wide Shot/Close Up etc); think of the angle from which you might shoot (low angle, eye level, high

angle). Think of how you can use dialogue and sounds and music to enhance your story telling. Think of how you might build dramatic tension, use

characters and action. Think like a filmmaker not like a narrative story writer.

To complete your storyboard use this template: You can download one from the Internet or you could draw up one on your computer.


You need to have images in each frame and below that the words that you want touse as well as the sounds.


You will find more about this challenge here.


Complete this activity before the Dance Workshop

Media Arts
Leon Ewing
For EDN236 on campus
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