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Dance Challenge 2
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Dance Workshop 2

Dance is


Dance is expressive movement with purpose and form.

In Dance students build on their Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) to use:

and develop skills, techniques and process of dance while using the body as the main material of dance.
In Dance we teach students to

  • choreograph

  • perform

  • respond to (appreciate) dance

Choreographing includes students drawing on their developing movement vocabulary as they engage in the creative process of making dance. As they explore and shape their ideas they will be involved in processes such as improvising, exploring, selecting, creating and structuring movement to communicate their intentions.
Performing includes students acquiring skills by practising, rehearsing, refining and applying physical and expressive techniques.
Appreciating includes students describing, explaining, evaluating and critically analysing their own dances and other dances viewed.


The Australian Curriculum: The Arts

Learning in Dance involves students exploring elements, skills and processes through the integrated practices of choreography, performance and appreciation. The body is the instrument of expression and uses combinations of the elements of dance (space, time, dynamics and relationships) to communicate and express meaning through expressive and purposeful movement.Making in Dance involves improvising, choreographing, comparing and contrasting, refining, interpreting, practising, rehearsing and performing.Responding in Dance involves students appreciating their own and others’ dance works by viewing, describing, reflecting, analysing, appreciating and evaluating.Both Making and Responding involve students learning choreographic, performance and appreciating processes to engage with the elements of dance and to use safe dance practices.(

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