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Drama Challenge 2

Watch the video clip of

‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ (Michael Rosen & Helen Oxenbury) -


In the workshop you will have modelled for you Teacher in Role

Warm-Up – 15 Minutes

Priming the Imagination - “Walk as if you’re on or in…”

Find a space somewhere in or your home, preferably with some room around you so that you can walk around fairly freely, (backyard perhaps). Once you have established your space, I want you to walk around as if you are on hot sand. Try to recall that sensation and recreate it. Notice how your breath changes. Now walk as if you are in space. Imagine what that might be like. Recall footage you might have seen of people in space. Walk now as if you are on a tightrope. Again, pay attention to how your imagination is exercised. Walk as if you are deep in cool, clear water on a hot day. Do you smile? Is there relief? 

Reflect on this exercise in your Learning Journal. How did you respond physically to the exercise? Emotionally? What are the circumstances under which these things might happen? Is there the potential for story? Can you see yourself participating in this exercise with a class? 

Come up with 3 other examples you might use – be as creative as you can. Write them down in your journal and try them yourself.


Main Activity

45 Mins We’re Going On A Bear Hunt – Let’s hear from the Bear!

Begin by watching the animated version of the picture book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”. The youtube link is above. If you own a copy or have access to one from a library, then by all means use that.


I’d like you to write a short passage / monologue from the Bear’s perspective. Write it as if you ARE the Bear.  What had you/the Bear been doing that day? Why did you chase the family? What did you want? Who are you?  How did you feel at the end? Do you have family?  What happened next? What would you like the family to know about you?


There is no right or wrong, this is an exercise in perspective and point of view.

200-300 Words Max


Reflection – for inclusion in your Assessment 1 Arts Challenges and Reflection  15 Minutes

Take some time to reflect on your thoughts about both the exercise and its potential for seed activities. What are your thoughts regarding teacher in Role?



This activity will be a springboard for your Drama workshop (both during semester and during the Intensive Week). You will also be including this work in your Reflective Assessment submitted on LMS.

If you want to see the planning for this Drama Arts Challenge, then click on the button below.


On campus students complete this activity before the Week 2 Drama Workshop

External students complete this activity in Week 2  and reflect on it and teaching Drama  for submission on LMS

For EDN236 
on campus
For EDN236 
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