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Drama is an art form found in different forms in different times, places and societies.


  • In drama we take on roles other those we experience day to day. 

  • We step into the shoes of someone else as if we are that person.

  • When we do so we share that role and that person's relationships with others using our voices, facial expressions, posturem gesture and movements.



Drama is the expression and exploration of personal, emotional, social and cultural worlds, through role and situation, that engages, entertains and challenges. Students create meaning as drama makers, performers and audiences as they engage with and analyse their own and others' stories and points of view.

In making and staging drama, they learn how to be focused, innovative and resourceful, collaborate and take on responsibilities for drama presentations. Students develop a sense of curiosity and empathy by exploring the diversity of drama in the contemporary world and in other times, traditions, places and cultures. 

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