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Media Arts Challenge 1 EDN227

To help you focus your thinking about Media Arts before the Intensive Week, the Teaching Artist has designed an activity that will take you about 1 hour to complete.


You will find a document outlining the Media Arts Challenge here and here.

Remember to focus on how story is important in Media Arts.


This activity will be a springboard for your Drama workshop during the Intensive Week. You will also be including this work in your Learning Journal.


One Million Selfies
  • You are challenged to take as many ‘Selfies’ as is possible in the 45 minute period.  In this context a ‘Selfie’ is any image/video/ or recording that could be loosely defined as a ‘self portrait’, or as widely as any ‘self referential auto-generated documentation of your place in time and space, man!’

The selfie is undeniably a new ‘form’.

  • There are no rules except each image must be made with a different technology. A camera, a phone, an ipad, a pencil, a tape recorder, Egyptian papyrus, a satellite image, a Polaroid, and so on… The point of the activity is to stretch you to think about the many ways that an image can be made – and why.

  • Beg, borrow or steal… this is an exercise in being resourceful.

  • Reflect on the phenomenon of "selfies". 

    • Why are so many people taking selfies?

    • Does the idea of taking your own image make you feel uncomfortable? When we have used this activity before some students found the idea of selfies uncomfortable or even undesirable.

    • Do we ever "see ourselves" in the same way as others might see us? What is the relationship between physically seeing an image and perceiving an image?



Complete this activity before the Dance Workshop

EDN227 Teaching the Arts and HPE in Primary Schools (Winter Term)
Media Arts
Leon Ewing
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