Drama Challenge 1 EDN236 2015

To help you focus your thinking about Drama before the Intensive Week, the Teaching Artist has designed an activity that will take you about 1 hour to complete.


You will find a document outlining the Drama Challenge here.


In overview there are two parts to this Drama Challenge:

  1. A warm up – Click the first video on the right of this page and Caitlin will guide you through your Warm up

    • Followed by a short reflection that is included in your Learning Journal

  2. Personal Story Drama Generator Activity – Click the second video and Caitlin will explain the activity

    • Followed by a short reflection that is included in your Learning Journal

Remember to focus on how story is important in Drama.


This activity will be a springboard for your Drama workshop (both during semester and during the Intensive Week). You will also be including this work in your Reflective Assessment submitted on LMS – Assessment 1 Arts Challenges and Reflection .

If you want to see the planning for this Drama Arts Challenge, then click on the button below.


You will also find the ArtsPop Teacher in Role article at


Complete this activity before the Drama Workshop

Caitlin Beresford Ord
For EDN236 
on campus
For EDN236 

External students complete this activity in Week 1  

On campus students complete this activity before the Week 1 Drama Workshop

This will be part of the first submission on LMS due at the end of Week 2