Music Challenge 1 EDN236 2015

To help you focus your thinking about Music before the Intensive Week, the Teaching Artist has designed an activity that will take you about 1 hour to complete.


You will find a document outlining the Music Challenge here.

There are two parts to this Arts Challenge which you complete before the Music Workshop.

Part 1 (about 25 minutes)

Watch the two videos (stop and start the videos as you need to)

  • Resource 1 Arts Challenge 1 Introductory Video – to the right at the top

  • Watching and doing: Resource 2: Vocal Warm-ups – to the right below the first video

    • follow the directions in the video so you warm up your musical instrument – your body.


Part 2 (about 35 minutes)

Complete the reflection task at the link here.

The  task is designed to enable you to develop a physiological, tactile and auditory awareness of sounds commonly used in vocal warm-ups.


This activity will be a springboard for your Music workshop during the Intensive Week. You will also be including this work in your Learning Journal.

EDN236 Teaching the Arts in Primary Schools 
Kate Page