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Music Challenge 2 for EDN236

To help you focus your thinking about Music before the second workshop Kate, the Teaching Artist, has designed an activity that will take you about 1 hour to complete.

You will fin and outline for the Challenge here.


The focus is on you exploring and experimenting in music. The Challenge is designed to help you

  • Develop an awareness of the alternative or non-traditional processes, tools and resources we can use in teaching and learning about music

  • Understand and explore cross-curricular links in music: "Music is a cross-curricular subject, I can use music as a tool for learning in other subject areas:

You will need the following equipment to complete these tasks:

  • 1 drinking glass (glass)

  • 1 pencil

  • A jug of water

  • 1 empty glass bottle (small diameter of c. 2cm maximum e.g. coke bottle)

  • A selection of jars and containers, 2 minimum (ideally 1 glass, 1 plastic)

  • A selection of fillings for jars, 2 minimum (e.g. rice, beans, pulses, pasta, screws, shells etc)

  • 2-3 pieces of standard A4 paper

  • Reflective journal and pen


*Please note that timings for activities also include resourcing/prep time


There are three experiments:

Experiment 1: Water Xylophone (You can find the task here.)

Experiment 2: Water Flute (You can find the task here.)

Experiment 3: Shakers (You can find the task here.)


For each of these activities you need to complete a reflection.

External students share your reflection with your Learning Circle.

You will find your reflection sheet here.

For EDN236 students
Kate Page
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