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Dance Challenge 2 for EDN236

To help you focus your thinking about Dance before the Dance Week 2, the Teaching Artist has designed another activity that will take you about 1 hour to complete.

  • If you are an external student you complete this activity as part of your Dance Arts Challenges and Reflection.


There are three parts to this Arts Challenge which you complete before the Dance Workshop.

Part 1 (about 5 minutes)

Warming up your body – and the bodies of students. Based on the warm up used in Week 1 of Dance, make up your own warm up. 

Record your dance warm up in words and images/moving images and include in your Dance Arts Cahllenge and Reflection.

Part 2

Look at the two video clips – Alien Talk and Alien Walk.

Describe what is happening in BOTH videos. 

Reflect on what you would have to do to help students participate in both activities.

Part 3

Your challenge is to focus on telling a story about a journey in space through movement and dance.

  • Think about a series of stories (or events) that focus on what might happen when or if you are travelling in/into/through space.

Think about telling each story or event through using the elements of dance and the choreographic devices. Be specific about which of the elements – body, space, time, dynamics and relationships – you want to use in each.

  • Design a space alien and a dance for the space alien

    • Draw it. 

    • Look at the example drawn by a pre-primary student.

    • Look back at the movement clip in Dance Challenge 1.

    • Look at the additional clips included on this page. You need to watch BOTH clips and to discuss BOTH of them in your Assessment.

    • Think about how your space alien might move. 

    • Be able to talk about the elements of dance, fundamental movement skills and the qualities of movement your space alien might have.

  • In your Dance Arts Challenges and Reflection assignment record your design and your dance movements.

Have some fun with moving.

Complete this activity before the 2nd Dance Workshop

Remember we told you about this "homework" in Dance Workshop 1. 

Stefan Karlsson
For EDN236 
on campus
For EDN236 
Space Bug drawn by Pre-primary student
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