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Visual Arts Challenge 1 EDN236 2015


  • Take an A4 sheet of paper and cut a 21 by 21 cm square

  • Fold your square in diagonal and again in the opposite direction

  • Unfold it and you will have the sheet with two diagonal fold  marks

  • Fold all corners to the centre

  • Turn over and fold all corners to the centre again

  • Turn over and insert your fingers in the pockets and  play



  • Identify a toy character you have or may have had

  • Identify its name and its history.  This will inform the picture book activity that you will undertake during your on-campus intensive week
  • Write a short history  (no more than 150 words) of your toy /character. Remember your are including this in your Learning Journal

  • Draw the character
  • If you have a toy character place it in front of you and start by drawing the silhouette on a sheet of paper using a HB pencil
  • If you don’t have the toy character find an image representing the character and draw its silhouette using a HB pencil

  • Draw details of the character
  • Using  different colour textas or pencils  draw the details of your character


What is the learning?



  • Observing and constructing:

  • To take a piece of paper and transform it into a three dimensional object


  • The use of visual arts materials

  • Representation and Viewpoints:

  • To build a context through imagined and real events or histories

Cultures and Histories:

  • To build a narrative based on personal or imagined experiences


  • To develop an idea into a visual representation


  • The use of visual arts materials






Complete this activity before the Visual Arts Workshop

Visual Arts
Audrey Fernandes Satar and Arif Satar
EDN236 Teaching the Arts in Primary Schools (Semester 2)
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